The CHERUB Role Play Wiki was created by Lem. The wiki enables people to create in character Wikipedia-like articles for the world. It also enables a sense of depth to the RP, where people can read up on interesting articles on the story of Michi Vulcan or see what happened in Operation Bakaara. Like the RP, the wiki is community-driven and is always looking for more constructive contributions.

Disclaimer Edit

The CHERUB Role Play Wiki is currently being operated by members of the CHERUB RP. This wiki is official and acts as an encyclopaedia to all RP-related matters.

Policies and guidelines Edit

The goal of the CHERUB Role Play Wiki is to provide a quality encyclopedia for players and players-to-be of CHERUB Role Play. Although we don't have many strict rules, we need some basic ones to ensure that the rules of CHERUB RP are not breached and the quality standard of this wiki remains high.

You'll notice that many of these rules and guidelines are very similar to that of Wikipedia. This is on purpose, mainly because the RP Wiki is, in a sense, the Wikipedia of the world of CHERUB RP.

Content Edit

  • In-character/out-of-character pages: Besides the name, this wikia is meant to be entirely in-character with no mixing of IC and OOC on pages. You may, however, add to authorized OOC pages.
  • Neutral point-of-view: Neutral point-of-view (or NPOV) means content is written objectively and without bias, merely presenting the facts and notable viewpoints of others. Encyclopaedias are inherently written in this way as the truth is often subjective, and it would make no sense to have an article that favored a particular viewpoint. This also helps prevent articles becoming mere advertisements or propaganda by vested parties. This rule is essential in the CHERUB RP Wiki, otherwise people will make some characters sound "the best" and edit other character pages to make them seem worse.
  • Naming: When naming a page, or an image, don't be vague or use a common name, because this wiki can only have one article per name. The same counts for images.
  • Creativity: Don't be afraid to be creative. Players of the RP tend to be tunnel-visioned when it comes to being open minded and thinking outside the box. When making an article, don't just throw random stats and/or basic information about your character/event/whatever in; rather go in-depth and let your mind go wild.

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