Aj Swain







Entry Year


Shirt Colour




Physical DescriptionEdit

Aj is a very big for his age, and has light skin, short hair, and brown eyes. Aj has broad shoulders, and even though he is tall, Aj is very fast. Aj is pretty well built, and could lift very large amounts of weight. Aj usually wears cargo shorts and a regular tee. Mainly his shoes are usually basketball shoes or vans.
Aj also looks relatively attractive.


Aj was born in the U.S., but when he was 3 he and his parents moved to England. His dad worked as an engineer and his mom worked as a graphic designer. His parents designed a scandal that made them millionaires. Soon the police were suspicious and found out about the scandal. They were sentenced life imprisonment. Aj was 9 a the time, and at the time Aj had no relatives, so he went to an orphanage. Within 3 months cherub found him and recruited him. Aj passed basic traing very well and was admitted into cherub.


Aj has been on campus for 5 years now and is very much enjoying it. Aj gets along with everybody and has alot of friends. He mostly goes to the gym or the dojo to sharpen his skills. Aj also looks forward to any mission. HE ATE A BURRITO!!!

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